Wake Up – it is Real

Child Trafficking is real, and it is happening all around you.

Unless it happens to you or someone you know we rarely stop and allow ourselves to digest such an uncomfortable subject.

We need to….

fuck the uncomfortable feeling,

get the fuck over it.

If you feel uncomfortable thinking about it,

The ones living it feel a hell of a lot worse than we ever could.

Some of the missing children will go to the “Honcho’s” the people running our country. Those children, like all the rest will be used and abused but the ones that go to the” Honcho’s” will have a shorter life than the others. Once the “Honcho’s “are bored with them they will scare the fuck out of them and kill them to drink their blood.

Yes, people vampires are real, and they are running our country.

Think I am full of shit, don’t you? You wish I was….

2500 children a day are reported missing. That is here in the United States. It is happening around the world; I just haven’t done any research on the numbers.

So 2500 X 365 = 912,500. That is a lot. But the 2500 that are reported missing each day only a percentage of them are really missing. So to break it down I went and found more information:

2016 had 465,676 children missing

2017 had 464,324 children missing

2018 had 424,066 children missing

The average age of children missing was 75% girls ages 12 to 17.





This subject is not on the news very much, not as much as it should be. But surely most of YOU KNOW by now the news is nothing but bullshit. You want to know whats going on in our country watch the news from another country and you will get some truth.

Another thing is that a lot of the children go missing have dark skin. which is such bullshit. that is the honcho keeping the race wars alive…people wake the fuck up!!

The honcho’s have been very successful with their pitting us against each other.

people it needs to stop now!! the only emeny we have is the “honcho’s” of this world.

i beg you let it go. love yourself, love your neirbor, love the people

because; ” we are the people” and we have rights and responsiblities.

quit watching all the properganda that is feed to us daily. Read more, educate yourself because our school never did. we have been dumb down by design.

unit next time

peace love and happiness




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