Calling all woman

Life is crazy.

I am not going to say much about the lockdown because I know so many already have.

What I want to talk about is woman…

All woman the time is now. We need to stand up and stand together before is too late.

Let’s go back the garden of Eden. Where was Adam when Eve was tempted with the apple?

He wasn’t doing his job. The job of the male. To protect and to provide.

Here is my belief and I believe this whole heartedly. At some point men realized the power of woman.

Because woman together are a force that is unstoppable.

When men realized this, they were scared. Men don’t have emotions like woman do. They don’t understand how a woman can be laughing and crying all at the same time.

Because this freak them out they thought that woman were weak and need to be protected from themselves.

They had the protection part right but went about it the wrong way. Fear will do that to a person.

So they made woman out to be less than. Then on top of that they pitted woman against one another.

Which is why today woman have a hard time getting along with other woman.

This needs to stop now.

We woman need to really look at the world around us and say what the fuck….

We need to band together and stop this tyranny that is happening. Men were never supposed to be above us. Nor were we supposed to be superior to men. We are suppose to be equal. The ying and yang.

Men and woman are different and yet both men and woman have some value to bring to the table.

Do you really think that if woman had been where we were suppose to be all along that our world would be this fucked up??

Hell no…

I am not saying that men don’t have any value because they do. What I am saying is woman are the back bone of life. We are the mothers the grandmother’s, daughter. There is no life without the woman.

Together we woman can change this shit.

Together we are phenomenal, magical, a force that can not be stopped.

We need to put our petty shit aside and save our families our humanity.

We are the only ones that can do this.

If we don’t we are looking at our grandkids living in a hunger game society.

This is not a joke this is real shit.

Lets start with what we call government. We have no government. That is a fact. We were sold out in 1933,

What we have is a cooperation pretending to be the government.

They do not work for us. They do not give a fuck about us.

This all I will say today.

I hope that all who read this really thinks about what I am saying. Because time is running out.

Peace love and happiness

If you want your voice to be heard and speak with others that just want a better world for all humanity.

Come to our zoom meeting that is held every night at 4 pm central time.

All are welcome. If the link does not work download the zoom app and the room number is

931 487 5206 and if it asked for a password put in 121212

We are in zoom all night so come stop in let hear what you think…

Questions and Comments are Welcomed~

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